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Voice and Data Cabling in Murfreesboro, TN

Voice And Data Cabling

In today's business world, data communication is essential. Since up to 70% of computer downtime is cable-related, a key factor in enjoying high-speed data transfer starts at the beginning: the voice and data cabling in Murfreesboro, TN. That's why you need LanLink to provide your company with the highest-quality data network available today. Our company was founded on the idea of providing businesses and industries with data infrastructure that will perform at the highest levels while keeping costs affordable. Contact us to work on your project.

High-End Network Systems in Murfreesboro

Category 5E, Category 6, and even Category 6A data networks can be designed and installed by our highly trained staff. The LanLink team receives training from BICSI, ETA, and other high-standard training organizations. We also dedicate the time for our technical staff to receive manufacturer training, so each tech is current with the proper way to install each manufacturer’s product and to maintain installer certifications.


As a Certified Commscope and Hubbell Installer, we can offer a 25 year warranty for both manufacturers. These warranties provide you and your organization with added protection for product and installation issues. This is just another example of LanLink’s desire to provide the very best service to our valued customers.

Cabling Plugged Into Ports

Whether you need 25 pairs for a small office or 300 to 600 pairs of building feeder cables, our installation is neat, organized, and grounded (when required). Recently, we installed a building distribution frame containing 1500 pairs of voice feeders.