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The Importance of Keeping a Stable Network Cable System

In today’s always-online environment, having a stable connection to your network has become more important than ever. It is little wonder, then, that businesses are investing heavily in information technology and networking capabilities. Why is it important to strengthen your network cable system? In Nashville, TN, technology professionals have several answers to this question.

A Physical Connection is More Secure

Security is a critical topic within the IT and cybersecurity sectors. It is easy to depend too much on wireless networks--they’re fast, convenient, and don’t restrict your movement. However, a business that performs most of its functions wirelessly is subject to significant risks.

A wireless network has a specific range within a given office environment. However, it is still possible to get a network signal even from outside a building. If a hacker can identify your wireless network, then they can use a variety of tricks to gain access to it. As a consequence, they can steal data and wreak all sorts of havoc on your business’s operations.

Machines that are physically connected to a network with Ethernet or other cabling are more secure. They require users to be within your work environment, which allows more control over access. This requires someone to infiltrate your building to do damage--which can be mitigated by more traditional means like a security detail or door controls to sensitive spaces.

Physical Cabling Allows for Scalability

Another advantage of a cable-first networking strategy is that it is easier to upgrade. As your business grows, you might want to invest in cloud computing or similar solutions. These enhancements have higher bandwidth requirements--and they also need a stable connection. A key advantage of network cable systems is that they can scale with your business. You can invest in Ethernet and fiber optics for your infrastructure. Making these additions will allow your business to grow smoothly.

Staying connected has become more critical than ever. Therefore, investing in secure and stable network cable systems is always a winning move. If you are thinking about making upgrades, be sure to consult with a seasoned information technology services provider.