Voice & Data Cabling

Data-cableIn today’s business world data communication is essential. A key factor in having high speed data transfer starts at the beginning, the data cabling. It has been stated that 70% of computer down time is cable related. LanLink can provide your company with the highest quality data network available today. In fact, LanLink was founded on the idea of providing business groups with a data infrastructure that will perform at the highest level yet with an affordable cost.

Data-Center-super-computerCategory 5e, Category 6 and even Category 6A data networks can be designed and installed by LanLink’s highly trained staff. The LanLink team receives training from BICSI, ETA and other high standard training organizations. We also dedicate the time for our technical staff to receive manufacture training so we are manufacture certified. This training and our vast experience, allows LanLink to provide excellent service to our customers.

Voice 1LanLink Communications professionally installs high count feeder cables for your telephone system requirements.  Whether that is a 25 pair for a small office to a 300 or 600 pair building feeder cables, our installation is neat, organized and grounded (when required). Below is an example of just one of the building distribution frames we recently installed containing 1500 pairs of voice feeders.

Rack Systems


Rack Systems are a key component of a high quality data center. Racks Systems provide an organized location for patch panels, wire management, and the mounting of network equipment. There are two main types of rack systems: open air two post rack and the four post enclosed rack.  We can help you decides which is best for your application as part of the design phase.

Data-Center-RacksAll of our installs are fully tested to meet and exceed the latest TIA standards. We also provide documentation to the customer in the form of a printed document for each cable installed. This documentation may prove helpful to future IT professionals when troubleshooting problems. In addition, we provide a computer generated floor layout showing the numbering scheme of the data and voice cabling network. This also greatly assists the IT professionals, when troubleshooting and performing moves, adds, and changes.

Voice 2If your company is relocating or making some changes that will require data cabling please contact one of our RCDD designers at 615-907-1248 or email us at dglass@lanlinkcommunications.com.