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LanLink Communications

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Phone: (615) 907-1248
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LanLink Communications

Phone: (615) 907-1248
Fax: (615) 907-2723

Fiber Optics in Murfreesboro, TN

Take a quantum leap in speed with fiber optic networks installed by LanLink Communications. We have installed miles of indoor fiber, both single-mode and multi-mode, in the Murfreesboro, Tennessee, area and beyond. Our RCDD staff can help your company select and implement an indoor/outdoor fiber optic cabling system that will meet your network requirements and allow for future expansion.

Fiber Optics

Jaguar - SuperComputer

Trusted by the Best

LanLink had the opportunity to install the fiber backbone cables that are supporting the “most powerful supercomputers in the world" – Cary / Titan/Jaguar. This fiber network was designed and implemented for the US Department of Energy in the Computer Science, Engineering Technology Facility, and Large Office Complex in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Since the DoE has trusted us for more than 15 years, we know you will also appreciate our quality of work and professionalism.

Minimizing Loss

The highly trained and certified fiber specialists employed by LanLink Communications realize the value of a very low dB loss system. All of the fiber systems we install exceed the dB loss requires outlined in the TIA standards based upon length and fiber type. Each fiber strand is certified and documented for future reference by network personnel.

Expertise in Fiber

Our fiber techs are factory-certified, BICSI-certified, and fully trained by Electronics Technicians Association training center. Our fiber techs have successfully installed thousands of fiber terminations in both singlemode and multimode. They are skilled in installing fan out kits, splicing, field terminations, polishing, and many other fiber installation requirements.

All Kinds of Installation

LanLink Communications is skilled at installing aerial fiber, underground fiber, duct banks, and backbone premise fibers. We are equipped to perform emergency fiber repair if a fiber has been damaged, and we have also completed several fiber to the desktop installations. Whatever your fiber needs are, let our RCDD and technical staff design and implement your fiber backbone network.

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