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RCDD Design Consulting in Murfreesboro, TN

Rely on the expertise of LanLink Communications for RCDD consulting and design services. Our professional Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDDs) on staff offer a wide range of services, from designing proper telecommunication spaces, pathways, and documentation to implementing and overseeing projects to ensure adherence to TIA/BICSI standards. This allows us to deliver a superior level of industry knowledge to clients in Nashville, Murfreesboro, TN and surrounding cities. This is important for the overall success of your project, now and into the future. Contact us if you would like to discuss the benefits of hiring a RCDD as a consultant on your project.

Common Questions

RCDD Design Consulting

What is a RCDD?

They are accomplished professionals who have attained the status of exceptional excellence in the field of Information Technology Services. The RCDD designation is recognized industry-wide as a superior designer and engineer for communications infrastructure. Those holding the RCDD designation include architects, electrical engineers, telecommunications consultants, and other data network specialists.

Why hire a RCDD?

All RCDDs have completed a rigorous, in-depth training program designed to add a unique level of knowledge of telecommunication design. To receive this credential, one must successfully complete and pass an extensive examination on the fundamentals of telecommunications distribution design.

Therefore, RCDDs have proven qualifications. Just to take the exam, the professional must have at least 5 years of design experience. RCDDs are required to complete continuing education to maintain their credentials as well. Many government and private projects require a RCDD to oversee and design telecommunication systems because they understand the value of these professionals. A RCDD provides an important voice on the front end design for all the low-voltage demands of a building.